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Synergy Linux Keyboard '@' Problem

Synergy Linux Keyboard '@' Problem

Im using Fedora 10 with Synergy from Windows 7

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"I had problems with @, <, and >, so I did the following:

xmodmap -e ""keycode 53 = x X greater greater greater greater""
xmodmap -e ""keycode 52 = z Z less less less less""
xmodmap -e ""keycode 24 = q Q at at at at""

Which solved those three... though I have no idea why the problem occurs in the first place."
Guest [Entry]

"Create a file ~/.Xmodmap and add the following to it:

keycode 53 = x X greater greater greater greater
keycode 52 = z Z less less less less
keycode 24 = q Q at at at at

You can activate it straight away with:

xmodmap ~/.Xmodmap

I believe this will activate automatically when you reboot - but I hardly ever reboot, so haven't tested this.

Thanks (and +1) to Systech's answer for the contents of the file, and thanks to this page for instructions on how to make it persist across reboots."