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T7500 turns on and shuts off when pressing power button

T7500 turns on and shuts off when pressing power button

This forum doesn’t have a dell T7500 as an option, but that is what I’m talking about. I have a T5500 and a T7500 that both sustained about 1 - 2 inches of water damage, from the bottom up. The T7500 will turn on for a second and then turn off, but if you hold the self-test button on the PSU it stays on for longer. Same thing with the T5500. Any help would be appreciated.

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Guest [Entry]

"Hi @tbne

First, do not continue trying to turn on the computers as you may be causing more damage. Disconnect the power from both of them.

Then both computers will have to be opened and inspected to check how much damage the water ingress has created. The motherboards will have to be removed from their cases and all connections and any and all additional removable components disconnected from the motherboard as well. Both sides of the motherboard will need to be checked.

There is no easy way to fix water damaged electronics. Everything has to be cleaned and then it is hoped that there is not to much damage to repair.

Here’s a link which in general describes what to do in regard to trying to fix the damage caused when water and electronics meet

Electronics Water Damage

Here’s are links to the service manual Dell T7500 and the service manual Dell T5500 which will help you to completely dis-assemble the computers.

Good luck."