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TightVNC problem connecting to iPod

TightVNC problem connecting to iPod

I have been trying to use TightVNC viewer with Veency ipod service to view my ipods screen on my computer. I can only connect to the ipod after it has been rebooted, it seems like if it has been running for a bit I cannot connect. I know that the IP address of my Ipod sometimes changes after I reboot (i'm using connectify to connect), but I always make sure to check the new IP.

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"I have used Veency/TightVNC combo for a while now to control my iPhone from the computer. I never have issues with it connecting. Do you use SBSettings by any chance? If you do, instead of rebooting you could try this:

Open SBSettings by swiping across the top bar (with the carrier/time/battery/etc...)
Click on the ""More"" button
Click on ""Mobile Substrate Addons""
Toggle Veency Off
Press the Home Button
Repeat 1-5 but toggle Veency On

It's a pain in the butt but definitely takes less time than restarting the phone. You could also try respringing the phone when Veency stops working and see if that fixes it, that would be a pretty quick solution.

What else do you have running on the phone that uses your internet connection and is a jailbroken app? There could be something that interferes with VNC."