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Unable to connect to some websites and scp files

Unable to connect to some websites and scp files

I am on Ubuntu 9.04 and am unable to scp files from my computer to a server. On the other hand, I am able to scp files from the server to my computer.

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Guest [Entry]

"It's apparently possible to allow SSH while blocking SCP. I wrote it up in an answer to another question:

The trick is in the authorized_keys file format. There are several options that allow the server to restrict SSH features based on what key was used to authenticate. The ""command="" option allows the server administrator to attach a restriction on the public key -- something like stating that ""any incoming connections that authenticate with this key will execute this command, regardless of what command might have been requested by the user"".

I haven't tested this out, but that could explain why you can't get through to the server with SCP."