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Upgrade From Snow Leopard Desktop to Snow Leopard Server

Upgrade From Snow Leopard Desktop to Snow Leopard Server

I just installed Snow Leopard on my Mac Pro and it's running great! I upgraded it from 10.5 and it worked just fine for me. I was looking at the Snow Leopard Server and all the features it offers for the other Macs on my home network. My question is this: Can I install Snow Leopard Server on my Mac Pro without having to do a clean install? I have everything set up perfectly and I really don't want to have to reconfigure everything.

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Guest [Entry]

"Depending on the services you want to offer you might want to look into: http://cutedgesystems.com/

The client version pretty much has all the services build-in with a few exceptions, no GUIs and no preconfiguration. The tools from Cutedgesystems are a great help and sometimes do the job even better than OSX Server and it's GUI

Together with the sharing options in System Preferences you should be able to set up a Server without any reinstallation."