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Vista: Share wireless network to wired

Vista: Share wireless network to wired

"I have two laptops, running Vista and XP. The Vista laptop is able to connect to a public wireless network. The XP can't connect to the wireless network, so I would like to share it somehow. I have a switch and network cables.
But when I try to configure the Vista laptop to share the network, it looses connection to it. It seems that I must use a static IP, which I don't seem to be able to do for this network."

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"When you use wireless, it would most likely be the 192.x.x.x range, if you then enable internet sharing, I believe that it tries to set your local pc to and act as the network router which would mean that you get routing problems.

If I was you, write down the ip that you get from the wireless network, if it starts with 10, go to step a, if it starts with 192, go to step b.

Enable internet sharing through the normal method.

Go to control panel > Network and Internet > Network Connections (I am using Win 7, but I think it is the same).

Right click on the wired network card and click properties, then double click TCP/IP Settings

Step A

Set your machines IP to,

Step B

Set your machines IP to

--- Both

Set Subnet Mask to
Set Gateway to the router's IP address
Set DNS either to openDNS or the IP of the router (depends on features you use)

Now, on your other pcs, you may get incorrect DHCP leases. Set it to manual as above but use.


IP 192.168.0.x (must be unique)


DNS either opendns or


IP 10.0.0.x (must be unique)


DNS either opendns or

--- Both