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we turned on pc yesterday and it booted to bios wont even turn on now

we turned on pc yesterday and it booted to bios wont even turn on now

basically we built my dad his pc everything worked just fine yesterday it posted and went to bios but now when we try to turn it on to try to install windows it wont power up at all except the fans spin barely and then stop motherboard has power and lights are working but for some reason the system wont power on except the small fan movement and stop we pulled battery out of motherboard and replaced it any other suggestions gpu is in socket good everything is plugged in so it should be powering on nothing has been changed in bios

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Guest [Entry]

"Hi @chanman2399,

More information is needed to help you.

What is the make and model number of motherboard and the make and model of the PSU? Also the amount of ram and GPU information (if separate GPU card) would help.

Try connecting a system speaker (example only) to the motherboard's system speaker header pins and check if there are any POST error codes. Check the mobo user manual for location of pins. If there are any codes heard, search online for (insert make of motherboard) POST error codes to see what they mean.

Try disconnecting all non essential components e.g. HDD/SSD, ODD and any other add on cards so that you have a barebones PC i.e. mobo, ram + CPU, PSU, GPU card (or integrated), monitor and keyboard and then try to start it and get into BIOS.

Test the PSU using the paperclip test to make sure that all the voltages from the PSU are OK."