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What are my SSD options today for an older (3 years) laptop? [closed]

What are my SSD options today for an older (3 years) laptop? [closed]

I've got an older laptop, and I figure once 7 hits RTM (~october) I'll be doing the upgrade dance.

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"The best one out there right now is the Intel X25-M. It gives the best over all performance of all the MLC SSD's. The SLC SSD's are MUCH more expensive.

Here is a link to NewEgg's Product Page for the Intel X25-M.

Here is a link to TechReport's Review of 6 SSD Drives."
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"Just do it and buy a OCZ Vertex or Intel X25-E SSD. Make sure you read this state-of-the-art article on Anandtech about SSD.

Scott Hanselman wrote a blog post some days ago about upgrading his latop with an SSD drive and the performance improvements he measured.

The difference between an SSD and a
regular Hard Drive is the difference
between shooting a bullet and throwing

He upgraded his laptop computer with a OCZ Vertex 250GB SATA II Solid State Disk (SSD). The perfomance benchmarks are impressive.

My MacBook Pro runs an SSD and I'm very satisfied with the performance. Boot and shutdown times are insanely good and I don't miss the sound a spinning harddisk makes."
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"All high-end SSDs are SATA II, since all that means is SATA with a 3Gbit/s transfer rate, and it uses the same connection and power cables. Hd usage is usually the last bottleneck you hit though, and SSD speeds are restricted by the motherboard anyways, unless you unlimit/oc them.

That said, X25 was dominating till OCZ's Vertex and newer Summit series enetered the market. Its pretty much personal choice at the moment, Summit uses the Samsung controller vs the Vertex OCZ controller (I think) and thats pretty much the only difference. You could probably go to the cheaper line of OCZ's SSDs (Apex/Core/Agility) if you don't care about the speed too much, theyre still pretty fast though."