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Where is "Browse in same window" in Windows 7

Where is "Browse in same window" in Windows 7

How in the world do you configure IE8 to NOT open excel documents in its window.

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Guest [Entry]

"It looks like the capability to do this was removed from the GUI in Windows 7.

Have a read of the following for instructions on how to change the behaviour via the registry to how you want it:
- How to configure Internet Explorer
to open Office documents in the
appropriate Office program instead of
in Internet Explorer
- A new
window opens when you try to view a
2007 Microsoft Office program
document in Windows Internet Explorer
7 or Internet Explorer 8"
Guest [Entry]

"Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


I pulled this from an XP machine running Office 2003 and put it in a Windows 7 machine running Office 2003. This will force Excel to open in Excel rather than inside IE 8."