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Where is the lint filter located?

Where is the lint filter located?

Where is the lint filter located on a Model # 11091551210 - Kenmore Washer

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Sears has a lot of helpful diagrams about Kenmore washers. Here is a link to their site's information about the Model #11091551210. The diagrams on that page should aid you in locating the Lint Filter.

Best of luck, and I hope this helps!"
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I have a Kenmore series 700s top load Elite HE that does not have a filter either. There is a coin trap on the bottom of the tub instead. I had the “drn” error code today. Unplug the power from the wall jack. Keep a small bucket handy to catch water when removing hoses. Make sure power is disconnected. The external hose was clear so I removed the back panel (7 hex head screws) and also removed screw that holds the plastic drain hose connection to the back of the washer. Tilt the washer forward and place a block or something under the back feet to keep it from falling and give u to it some room to work. The drain pump is on the back side of the tub. Remove the short hose that connects the bottom of the tub to the drain pump and you will likely find a clog in that hose or lint/hair/etc. hung up on the coin trap mentioned earlier. Clean the clog and re-assemble.
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