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Whirlpool washer model la5700xm will not spin. What can I do?

Whirlpool washer model la5700xm will not spin. What can I do?

I have a Model LA 5700XM Whirlpool Washer.Washer does not spin in spin cycle even with the lid down.The wash tries to spin but will not. I checked the belt and it is not broken.

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I have occasionally had this problem, and unplugging and resetting the machine has worked so far. Always a good idea to restart anything with electronic controls as a first step.
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"I don't have an answer i manually moved the belt, but it seems to move slow.. i know this thread is years old.. but still am looking for some help.

I did realize the belt was loose, so i used a bar and serviced it like an old alternator and tightened it up.

now i'm going to try to unplug it for 5 minutes to reset it.

also did do a low water level wash run thrue with no cloths in it. seemed to be fine.

One issue was the belt lose and on the actual motor it wasn't catching the belt before i tightened it.

so in other words i caught the motor running but not the belt, like its sliding..

i did tighten it.. but then if it needs to spin or agitate the wash, i feel and think the motor may be going out..

so i looking at motor replacement or a ( new belt- which prolly isnt the case)