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Why did Windows remove the ScanDisk GUI?

Why did Windows remove the ScanDisk GUI?

Why isn't the ScanDisk graphical user interface available on Windows XP and Windows Vista (maybe Windows 7 also)?

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Guest [Entry]

"Because it is no longer known as ScanDisk?

Windows 98 ScanDisk GUI

Windows XP Check Disk GUI"
Guest [Entry]

"Windows 7 will have a UI returning, but not graphical.

From the Engineering Windows 7 Blog:

In Windows Vista, we had removed all
of the UI that would provide detailed
defragmentation status. We received
feedback that you didn’t like this
decision, so we listened, evaluated
the various tradeoffs, and have built
a new GUI for defrag! As a result, in
Windows 7, you can monitor status more
easily and intuitively. Further,
defragmentation can be safely
terminated any time during the process
and on all volumes very simply (if