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Why does it take so long for my Maytag to wash clothes?

Why does it take so long for my Maytag to wash clothes?

The "Normal" cycle is :41 minutes total...or so it says. But, it takes 1:10 minutes to wash!! Why??

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"I have sorted out that my Maytag Bravos XL keeps cycling rinse and spin in effort to balance the load. Everytime the load is off balance, it automatically rinses and agitates to correct the balance - over, and over, and over. A load of 4 or 5 towles can take 2(+) hrs to complete, while a large load of clothes completes wash in the normal 50min. It is a beatdown.

Is there a drip pan and/or hose that should be drained? This step solves balance issues with front load washers."
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I have noticed I can shave quite a bit of time off by making sure no other large water usage activities are going on that may reduce water pressure. In other words, no dishwasher running, no filling bathtub, no one taking a 20 minute showers.
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"My problem was slightly different but googling it got me here so for anyone else:

My maxima front loader would not start. I’d hit the button, it made the tone, the door locked but nothing happened. Off and on with the power button didn’t fix it, unplugging, waiting until I couldn’t turn it on, then plugging back in got it to run again, but the drum rarely moved and the clock barely counted down at all. I took off the back panel and unscrewed and cleaned out the very clogged coin trap. Once it was put back together it worked fine. I’m blaming covid since I pulled a few masks out"