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Why does it take so long for SQL Management Studio to connect?

Why does it take so long for SQL Management Studio to connect?

Considering that Microsoft SQL Server is not, technically, a slow database management system, I keep wondering why it often/usually takes such a long time for SQL Management Studio to connect.

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"This sounds stupid but I had a problem of a very slow SQL Server Management Studio and this trick solved it:

Open Internet Explorer
Go to Tools -> Internet option
Open the ""Advanced"" tab
Uncheck ""Check for server certificate revocation (requires restart)""

This trick is only effective if the computer where your SQL Server Management Studio is installed is NOT connected to Internet.
Only doing that solved my problem. Maybe it will solve yours."
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"by default, when connecting to a local server, the network protocol used is shared memory.
This can be quite slow sometimes.

I was experiencing the same speed issue when connecting to a similiarly specced box locally, but not remotely.

Do you get the same slowdown if you specify the TCP/IP network protocol when connecting?

Also, according to Microsoft, this may be an issue caused by Management Studio being 32bit and being run on a 64bit OS.
See here:
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"Adding to Julien N 's answer above, I fixed the problem (a 10-second delay when running a query the first time) by un-ticking:

""Check for Publisher's certificate revocation""

in Internet Explorer advanced options.
No restart required."
Guest [Entry]

"The solution for me was to disable the Hyper-V NIC:

Simply right-click and then click disable"
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"For me, the problem was that my machine name was longer than is allowed by NETBIOS (15 characters). Once I shortened it, navigating SSMS became lightning fast.
Windows warns you if you try to set your machine name to longer than 15 characters -- I guess I should have heeded the warning!"