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Why does my computer unexpectedly restart on its own?

Why does my computer unexpectedly restart on its own?

My computer will occasionally shutdown by itself without warning. Any web browser windows or programs I have open will automatically close, and the computer will shutdown like it would if I had prompted a shutdown.

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"Nathan, this sounds like it can be multiple reasons for the unexpected reboot.

First, are you running a lot of programs at once? You could be experiencing a crash due to the enormous amount of windows or programs running at the same time. Try to run fewer programs at a time.

If this doesn't change anything, you might want to consider additional RAM to your decide to increase performance. Having extra random access for your laptop will provide extra support when your decide has various programs opened at once. With more RAM, your system will be able sustain big files or programs.

Good luck, Nathan."
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If your laptop is randomly shutting down without you prompting it yourself, it may be due a defective battery or low RAM. If it is the battery, you can test if it is defective by following the steps in the troubleshooting page under “Defective Battery”. If it is the RAM, you may have to purchase and install additional RAM.
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If your system shuts down after being turned on awhile it could be your fan is not functioning. It may be burned out, or mechanically seized up or your thermostat on the motherboard may be malfunctioning. This happened to my system and it turned out to be mechanically seized up,lucky me. Find dismantling instructions , be very careful removing things. The break easily. Especially connectors and the volume control on the motherboard.
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"i have the same problem but it is not software problem or ram problem coz i have checked it. it may be ur hyper threading or cooling problem which soon heat up your system.

You need to reset factory setting

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"This is an old post but it might help someone else who comes across this same problem.

This example works for Windows 7 -

At ""Start"" or ""Desktop"" -> ""Computer"" --> right click on ""Properties"", and then tap ""Advanced system settings""

In the advanced options of the system menu, click on ""Settings"" for Startup and Recovery.

In Startup and Recovery, uncheck the ""Automatically restart"" for system failure. Click ""OK"" after unchecking the checkbox.

TamKat :)"