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Why is my computer is running slow when gaming?

Why is my computer is running slow when gaming?

My computer runs slow when playing graphics intensive games. Symptoms are a low fps, and a lot of lag. I'm sure that the problem is not my internet connection, but is with the computer. How can I fix this? Do I need to upgrade my graphics card?

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"I would check your memory first, If you can increase it.

You also may not have enough free space on your HD. Use the HD tools Windows has to clean things up."
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"Problems that plague gaming laptops include overheating, programs running in the background, and the graphics card not running at the required speed (usually in MHz) for the game you are playing.

In order to avoid overheating problems, you may want to replace the fan(s) with better performing ones or give your laptop a rest and let it cool down.

In order to prevent programs from starting up while you are playing a game, manually go into the program (settings) and either turn off the program or schedule it to run while you aren't gaming.

In order to see if your graphics card is causing lag, look at the game requirements on the original packaging. Compare to the one running in your laptop. If the graphics card you have doesn't perform at the recommended capacity then you may need a better graphics card."
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Check your Energy manager during the games make sure the performance setup is on the highest level.
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"I have had the same issue. it's not the GPU. it's the CPU's being throttled due to overheating.

there's a membrane on the back panel that's there to filter out the dust in the air. after using the laptop for a few months it became blocked with all the dust and was practically impossible to clean.

i just removed it today and already idle temp is 14-18 degrees lower.

during playing a game even like Dota2, 10-15 minutes into it CPU reached 100 degrees. so naturally, the speed is throttled so that it doesn't burn out.

i'll try the game later and see if i have any improvement"