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Why is my machine leaking water. Why does it shut off

Why is my machine leaking water. Why does it shut off

my machine leaks underneath, I can't find where the leak is coming from. I have cleaned it through and through, still leaks.

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Guest [Entry]

"Could be lots of reasons this is happening. Knowing whether it’s coffee or clean water spillage would be helpful. Here’s a few things to try, as they are common Saeco maintenance issues:

# Clean the brew group. I know you said you did this, but you need to be sure it’s clean, including the little ball valve assembly at the top. This should be removed. Be careful, the ball is tiny and if you drop it you’re toast. Remove the Torx screw at the top, lift off the cap assembly, carefully remove the spring with forcepts or tweezers,(sometimes the tiny ball is caught on the end of the spring, be careful) then turn it over and remove the ball. Clean that whole assembly. Clean the ball seat with vinegar on a q-tip. Remove the piston and o-ring and clean that. You can remove the top piece by depressing tabs at the sides. 4 tabs. Hard to do. Remove and inspect the coffee screen. If you can’t see light through it, this could be your problem. You can clean in vinegar, takes a few hours.

Replace all o-rings. There’s one large one on the part you just removed. There’s one at the bottom of the piston tube (underneath that tiny ball you hopefully didn’t drop). As I rec all, I think there are 4 total o-rings.Look inside at the machine where the brew group seats. You’ll see a water inlet valve, kind of cone-shaped, with 2 o-rings, different sizes. Replace them.

# There is a test mode. See https://www.seattlecoffeegear.com/blog/2.... Cycle through and check for water after each test, and that will give you a hint on where your leakage is coming from.

Lastly, but least likely, it could be coming from one of the major internal assemblies, the pump, the boiler, the wand selector, the turbine, or any of the clamps inside the machine. In any case, if it’s one of those, you’d better send it to a service center to let them diagnose what’s wrong."