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Why is my shutdown time so long?

Why is my shutdown time so long?

Running windows XP SP2 I can be waiting for up to 5 minutes after hitting the shut-down button until the machine actually switches off.

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"There might be a way to fasten the shutdown by cutting the time for killing services (taken from here):

The first two settings can be found in
the key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop. They are called
HungAppTimeout and
WaitToKillAppTimeout. You should also
set the key AutoEndTasks to 1 if it is
not set to this value already.

The timeout settings for Services can
be found in the Registry key
and is called
WaitToKillServiceTimeout. The value is
entered in miliseconds which means
that the value 2000 should be entered
if you want to set this to 2 seconds
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Are you a member of a domain? Roaming profiles?