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Why is there water in the bleach and softener compartment

Why is there water in the bleach and softener compartment

I rarely use my bleach or softener dispenser in my whirlpool cabrio washer but yet they are both filled with water. I have drained them and and cleaning with a bottle brush to make sure they are not clogged. Of course now that I have this problem I need use them... How can i fix this?

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"I found that if you open and close the tray over and over, it will drain. I’ve taken my tray out, cleaned all the parts (they weren’t even dirty but did it regardless to find if ANYTHING (like a pinch of fabric or dust) was in there, nothing. No pinched hoses, NEW MACHINE…less than 2 years old, used on a 2 people home, and rarely do we use bleach. SO, it’s the flaw that makes us all have to do MORE to get the laundry done.

Open and close the drawer for detergent over and over if you have the electrolux front loader style machine, that is what works for me…and paying a plumber was a WASTE OF MY TIME, but I did that too! We live we learn, front loader still works great, but this is annoying but that’s a First World Problem and that’s how I fixed mine. Hope it helps some of you dealing with a front loader issue of water in the compartments, too."