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Why will my dryer turn on but won't start?

Why will my dryer turn on but won't start?

I can turn the power button on and the start button is blinking. It is on timed dry but the estimated time is blank (3 slashes like ---) When I press the start button it beeps once but does not start.

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"Sounds like a possible door switch issue. Try opening the door and see if you get get a code on the display and a beep and the code 8:88.

Update 1/11/16

For others asking similar questions, unplug the machine for 5 minutes to allow it to reset."
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If your idler pulley goes bad, which they do… there is a switch it hits and it will deny the motor to spin. Replace it and likely the whole idler arm assembly, because it’s much easier and costs pretty much the same as buying just the pulley. When the pulley goes, the drive belt pretty much goes as well. So, new drive belt, new pulley arm assembly, and then likely new drum rollers, as they wear down and usually were the cause for the bad belt and pulley. After that, you check the drum roller axels, as they can wear and cause the rollers to fail . Note that you likely have two sets of two rollers (front and back) and they are threaded differently. If you replace that whole load of parts off Amazon, it’ll run you under a hundred Bucks and you’ll basically have a new dryer.
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"****I had the same exact problem!****

There's a YouTube video on training m resetting the dryer.

Unplug for 1 minute.


Open and close dryer door six times in one minute.

Actually worked for me!!!"