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Control panel lights on but dryer will not start?

Control panel lights on but dryer will not start?

Occured after replacing drum light which flashed and burned out. Bulb glass broke leaving a mirrored chrome finish on the glass. NOW, NEW DRUM LIGHT STAYS LIT & WILL NOT TURN OFF AFTER CLOSING DOOR. Push button control panel lights show all settings in normal fashion but after pressing start, only hear the beeps without dryer turning on. Do not know how to show error codes and have no maual.


Scott, I deleted my previous answer due to some misinformation I must have given you. Anyhow, I would be looking at the door switch. If your door switch is stuck in the open position, the drum light will stay on, and the dryer won't start since it thinks the door is open.

I unplug my drier and plugged back in and now dont want to start what can the problem be.

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