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Why will myVoicemail through Comcast will not allow recorded messages.

Why will myVoicemail through Comcast will not allow recorded messages.

I have voicemail properly set up thru Comcast, but when you call the number it will not allow the Comcast voicemail to work. Comcast says it is the phone. I need to get this resolved asap!

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Guest [Entry]

"Hi @mbrandall55 ,

Are you trying to remotely retrieve any recorded voicemail messages by calling the number with the voicemail facility from the uniden phone?

If you are trying to remotely retrieve voicemail messages what happens when you call the number and press the # key on the uniden phone during the voicemail's recorded greeting? Are you being prompted to enter a password?

If the voicemail is connected to the uniden's phone number how are you accessing the voicemail facility?

Are you dialing the full access number, pressing # during the recorded greeting and then manually entering the password etc or have you programmed the phone to enable 1 key (Message/Mute) key) operation?

Here's a link to the User manual. Scroll to p.13-14 to view how to set up and to edit the voicemail access and number.

Be aware of the need to insert the 4 second pause between the number and the password to allow time for the call to be answered by the voicemail facility and when the password will be sent automatically. (see p.14 Editing your voicemail number sect.2).

if it takes longer than 4 seconds for the voicemail to respond after you have called the number, then perhaps this is why it is not working. What is the ring time duration (number of rings) that you have set before the voicemail answers? You can alter this in your Comcast account to a more suitable number. If you cannot get the time short enough, I’m not sure if you can extend the “pause” time between the number dialed and the password dialed by including more ‘pauses’ in the setup but it may be worth a try."
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