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Windows 7 hidden account

Windows 7 hidden account

I hid one of the accounts on my computer from the welcome screen by adding it to the registry key:

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"Starting with Vista, ctrl-alt-del doesn't work any more by default in the login screen.

(edited to make it at least correct)"
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If I'm not mistaken, once you add it to the hidden list, it does just that, makes the account hidden from logins, hacking, etc. This is more of a form of protection option than an actual functional feature.
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"With the Classic login screen (so no Icons) they have to know your account name to login, which in a way is more secure already.

How to get the Classic logon:

Press start
Type: local security policy
Press enter
Expand local policies
Click Security Options
Double-click ""Interactive Login: Do not display last user name""
Check Enabled
Click OK

I think you don't really have any other option, expect perhaps trying to hide it with TweakUI."
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You can enable this option in Local Policy\Security Options. "Do no display last User Name" this forces every user to put in their User Name & Password.
Guest [Entry]

"In case of emergency I suggest the following... And yes I know it sucks...

Create an Administrator account
Hide it

Home Versions - Using command prompt: net user Administrator /active:no (Note: change Administrator to match your created username)

Pro/Ultimate - Using Group Policy: Follow above instructions using GPedit.msc or other

Open regedit, then browse to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System, edit the ""dontdisplaylastusername"" value from 0 to 1, then export this key as ""Enable-Login.reg"" somewhere where you will remember it. Edit the value BACK TO 0, then exit.
In case of emergency, you can now boot from any Vista or Windows 7 media, open the repair option, then use command prompt and reg.exe to open the .reg you just created. Once you import that value, reboot, and you will have the domain style login with no username or password pre-entered.

Unfortunately they took away the nice double CTRL+ALT+DEL to get this prompt, and I have been trying to get it going for some time. Just wish they would add this back so it can be used when needed!"