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Windows Vista Home Premium upgrade to Windows Vista Ultimate

Windows Vista Home Premium upgrade to Windows Vista Ultimate

I've recently bought a Dell laptop with Windows Vista Home Premium (Italian). I knew that I can't install Microsoft Reporting Server 2005 on it because Home Premium doesn't support Windows authentication.

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Guest [Entry]

"You are asking a difficult question, solely because the only way to get a real answer would be to phone Microsoft and ask.

It is a business decision taken by Microsoft. They do not include the language packs on the discs, and because of the various different regulation across the world, will provide specific media to specific countries. I would suspect when you purchased your copy of Windows, it should have given you the option of choosing the correct language.

Arguably this is not the way Apple or others do provide software, but I would suspect the slew of legal problems Microsoft had in the past, specifically with Europe and the IE issues in the past, causing the creation of the K edition of Windows, for example, would have be a big reason for this decision."