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Windows XP hangs on Applying Your Personal Settings

Windows XP hangs on Applying Your Personal Settings

I have a laptop which is not associated with a domain (it's on the default "WORKGROUP"). When I log in, the computer hangs on "Applying your personal settings" for a very long time. Do you have any idea what I can do to fix this?

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Guest [Entry]

"Have seen this in a couple of different cases.

System has a wireless and wired connection. Turning off wireless connection and assuring wired connection was properly configured resolved the issue. Never found satisfactory explanation but it worked.

Have you logged on as a different user? Same issue? If so, possibly a profile issue.

What happens if you log on in safe mode?"
Guest [Entry]

"I have been in your same situation, eventually it recovers from the hang. Seems to be normal, depends much on the domain, and to a lesser extent on the laptop.

Does this happen with other domains?"