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Wine Alphablend issue

Wine Alphablend issue

I'm trying to get 'Metatrader4' running on a Ubuntu Jaunty Server box.

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Guest [Entry]

"It doesn't look like you have XRender running on your X11 server - hence wine's complaints about not being able to alpha blend without XRender. Are you using the VNC X server or you're running an X locally on the virtualized graphics card and connecting to it using VNC screen scraping?

If its the former, then the answer is that vncserver (aka Xvnc) by default does not load XRender. Because of the way that vncserver is configured (i.e. not at all), then all extensions that are used are compile in. If you want XRender (and I believe its a must of you want to run wine), then you have two options - either recompile Xvnc with XRender, or use another server - I recommend using vnc4server which is a VNC extension to the standard Xdotorg X11 server - you run a standard X server with the vnc extension loaded so you can load any other extension in the X11 standard configuration file (which normally includes XRender)."