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Bosch Dishwasher runs with door open or not al all and behaves oddly

Bosch Dishwasher runs with door open or not al all and behaves oddly

I have a Bosch SHX57C05UC dishwasher. While it was running today, it made a kind of hammering noise and then started overflowing. I was out, but my wife turned off the water and left it until I got home.

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bert [Entry]

"When a Bosch is in error, it doesn’t matter if the door is open or closed. Before doing any voltage readings, check the voltage at the junction box where it connects to the dishwasher. Check the voltage and polarity. It could be a floating neutral/ground issue.

If the polarity is incorrect, voltage readings at switch’s will be incorrect. Checking ohms verses voltage on a door switch would both have the same results. The switch is either open or closed no matter how you test it. The E6 error, as mayer said, relates to water issue. The noise you described on the left side is also where the fill valve is located. There is a water sensor in the housing on the left side of dishwasher. I have found the housing to have a build up of sediment in it and this will create the same issues you have mentioned. Replacing it solved the problem.

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Attached is a link on eBay.

The water inlet parts #00499500 water lever sensor and #oo263833 water inlet, this is where I’d start troubleshooting if I was in front of the dishwasher. Turn power off to d/w. Pull unit out to gain access to the left side. Check ohms of each switch. Remove the wires from the switch before checking ohms to get accurate reading. Switch is either open or close depending how it’s used in the circuit. I hope something here helps you locate the issue.