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Bosch Dishwasher won't cycle or spray water. Any ideas?

Bosch Dishwasher won't cycle or spray water. Any ideas?

Hi everyone, first time posting here. My Bosch shu43c05uc/17 dishwasher isn’t spraying water or cycling through. The spray arms are clean and the filter is clean, so I don’t believe that’s the problem. I’ll start it, hot water gets pumped in, and there’s a loud hum sound. It’ll run for the duration of the cycle, but it won’t cycle through the different modes. It’s a sound that isn’t typical. And sometimes it will sit on the last minute until I cancel the cycle. It is able to drain.

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bert [Entry]

"Hi @bigdchi ,

According to this link the dishwasher has a circulation pump (and also a replacement circulation pump impeller and seal kit - interesting that there is a replacement for this - does it fail often enough to have a spare!) as well as a drain pump.

This link also has the parts but also shows the parts diagrams (use the slider down the right side of the diagrams to see more), which may be of some help, e.g. the pump impeller kit part #424 is in the Component assembly diagram

Regarding the hot water. I was confused when you originally said that “….. the hot water gets pumped in…”. I took this to mean that you were supplying hot water to the dishwasher. If this was the case it may still require a heating element to increase the temp to the set wash temp if this was higher than what was supplied."
bert [Entry]

"@csaab ,

What is the model number of the dishwasher?

Have you checked that the spray arms are moving or have moved?

Try placing both spray arms in a position that you remember and then turn on the dishwasher. After it has filled and started to ""wash"" open the door and check the position of the spray arms.

It is the water pressure from the circulation pump that causes the arms to rotate, dispensing water.

If they haven't moved then you need to check if power is getting to the circulation pump or if both spray arms dispensing holes are all blocked which would seem unusual. If only the top spray arm hasn't moved then it may be a blocked pipe from the circulation pump to the spray arm as usually the lower spray arm is connected nearly at the pump housing

Since you have changed the pump and the control panel but not the control board first try using an Ohmmeter to check the continuity of the pump power supply wires from the control board to the pump. Do this with the power totally disconnected from the dishwasher.

If you know how to safely test for lethal voltages you could use a Voltmeter and check that voltage is being applied to the pump when it is in the wash cycle. Depending on your location it could either be 120V AC or 240V AC"