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Help me fix Remote controlled socket.

Help me fix Remote controlled socket.

Okay so the word is about Remote controlled socket from Emos company.

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bert [Entry]

"Hi @bakenhuman ,

Did you test that the fuse is OK? You didn’t say.

To find out about Zener diodes, just Google “what is the difference between a zener and a normal diode and why is it used?”

Did you test the zener diode ""out of circuit""?

If not there might be a bypass or parallel circuit around the zener on the circuit board that you are reading, therefore you are getting the readings that you are and not really reading the zener diode. The only conclusive way to test a diode is to make sure that there is no parallel path around it or to remove one leg from the board and then test it.

Hasn't your DMM got a capacitance testing feature then, at least up to say 10uF?

You could try looking here for replacement capacitors but you would have to know its’ value etc.

Don’t know what the unknown component is as there is no markings on the board to at least identify its type.

The best is to try and find a schematic of the board if possible. Try searching online using the board number, if looking for the (insert model number of device) schematic gives no results."