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How to fix 'static' noise on Bose QC20i Noise Cancelling Headphones?

How to fix 'static' noise on Bose QC20i Noise Cancelling Headphones?

I have a pair of Bose QC20i noise cancellation headphones. When they were new, I could turn on the noise cancellation switch without the jack being plugged in, and they worked fine.

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bert [Entry]

"Hie Friends

I came up with a good news

My qc20i right side earphone was making craking sound while playback and when I on the noise canceling button it not canceling full from right side , m very music addicted and I prefer only quality in Meanwhile I was so depressed and researched all over internet about this problem but I got no solving way then I research on earphone mechanism then I got an idea THEN IT WORKS PERFECT that is

Remove your earbud ( white bud ) which side is not working then clean it with tooth brush carefully then blow air with mouth in to the earphone tightly and make sure that air going through other side ( metal mesh ) of the ear phone then repeat from mesh side and let the air from budside way , repeat that 2 times and then connect the earphone to your device and check

Hope it will work

Worked for me

All the best"
bert [Entry]

"I don't think so. The ""static"" is most likely caused by grounding problems in the plug, control unit or wire. Working on headphones that small requires special irons, & solder, with lots and lots of practice. It's not like fixing a lamp cord or speaker.

I don't know how you would get into the unit to repair it without leaving it in a worse state than it is now.

If this answer is acceptable please remember to return and mark it accepted."
bert [Entry]

"I bought mine off ebay last year, but never got to use them for 4 months due to working away on nights.

Same problem with crackling in left set.

The guy who sold them obviously knew this, but my mistake.

Phoned bose. They said never heard of a problem like this. What lies people tell you in order for a sale.

Looking at this and other forums about same problem, bose obviously know about these issues.

Well I have all bose systems in my home. No more though. This will be the last time I ever buy bose. After service is crap!"
bert [Entry]

I fixed this by (from the sound preference pane) deselecting my Bose Quite Comfort 30's from being the system default microphone, and the default sound output device, and then re-setting it as the default sound output device. This appears to have disabled the microphone and fixed the static.
bert [Entry]

"Hi, I had interference issue, was 100% sure this was a wiring issue, but it is not.

I took the QC20 headphone apart, cleaned it, no problems since.

It is a simple procedure:

1.remove the metal ring at the bottom of the headphone (right beside B of Bose logo)

2.remove plastic part (the one with Bose logo)

3.remove metal cover of the earphone

4.remove black covering on the interior of microphone

5.clean everything with alcohol

put the headphone back together.

bert [Entry]

"this doesn't seem to work for me.

when i turn the device on it is often fine, but as soon as it comes near a plug-in there is an increasingly loud log humming sound.

i've tried the above recommendation with different cords that elicit the crackling sound, but after doing it repetitively the low humming sound continues."