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Is there a Hack for Charging from USB instead of Firewire?

Is there a Hack for Charging from USB instead of Firewire?

Is there a way that the charging components inside a 3rd-gen iPod can be changed from Firewire to USB ?

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bert [Entry]

"herman428, this would be an interesting hack but all the circuitry in the iPod requires firewire for the charging, so you can not modify that. I would suggest something like a USB charger followed by a buck converter and terminate this with a firewire connection. Not really that cumbersome and should be doable. Hope this helps, good luck.


The ""hack"" on instructable is a bit different.It was developed to charge the iPod with just any generic charger The USB output will remain around 4.6V- to - 5.2 V. Firewire is at 12V, you you will have to have some sort of DC-DC step up converter."
bert [Entry]

"I spliced a usb step up 12v cable to a FireWire dock connector charging cable

DC 5V to DC 12V USB Voltage Step Up Converter Cable - iGreely Power Supply USB Cable with DC Jack 5.5 x 2.5mm or 5.5 x 2.1mm, USB 5V to DC 12V Cable 3ft https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07J6NYVJV/ref..."
bert [Entry]

Yes, I have exact same experience. One power source means from the one usb supply.
bert [Entry]

"This incredibly compact DC step-up converter is what I used. It fits neatly inside the 3G case behind the hard drive.


Here are the traces for USB and Firewire power.

Problem is, the iPod freezes when plugged in. It seems that the iPod refuses to function when both USB 5V and Firewire 12V power are being supplied. And you can't cut off USB power to the device, because that's what the iPod uses to power the chips that interface with the computer. How did you get around it? Or is the iPod non-operable when plugged in via USB?"
bert [Entry]

"Hi Friends,

I have found another method of charging - use the battery charger circuit put directly to the battery - search e-bay with ""MICRO USB 1A Battery Charging Module TP4056"" .

See it here;


- LED for charging indicator

- My IPOD has CF card which allows enough space for the charger board. I think it is not sufficient space inside with original HDD.

- Charging time is around 3 hrs. Working time is 8 hrs from fully charged (with 850 mAh battery ,play with rockbox).

- During sync with PC, can be charged simultaneously.


I have use it over a month now and things are fine."
bert [Entry]

"One option its just an adapter with firewire for the car.