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Is there any way to change or repair the ribbon cable?

Is there any way to change or repair the ribbon cable?

My screen has white vertical lines and is lacking of colour intensity everywhere. I already did the self diagnostic test, restarted it, reinstalled the os. I really think there is a problem with the flex cable. On ti 83 calculators it was possible to solder cables to replace the ribbon cable, is it possible on ti 84 plus ce?

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"Thanks for doing all those troubleshooting steps, that really helps me out!

Unfortunately, you can’t repair the ribbon cable the same way as the TI-83 family since the CE’s ribbon cable is significantly smaller (you can see it circled in the teardown). The community has been unable to find a compatible LCD you can buy separately, so the only way to get a new LCD is to buy a donor calculator. Fortunately, every TI-84 Plus CE (or TI-83 Premium CE) display is compatible with each other. Just be warned that it is not compatible with the TI-84 Plus CSE’s LCD."