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No backlight after light water- all else seems to work

No backlight after light water- all else seems to work

Only briefly wet in fresh water, dried in rice for days and now appears to have everything working (including touch functions) but screen stays black. I disassembled and cleaned all contacts. Saw no corrosion. I can answer calls by swiping screen and can access all files via USB to computer link. Incoming Email and text notification alarms continue. Battery will recharge. Anything else to try other than new digitizer?

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bert [Entry]

"Tom Retson, you wont need a new digitizer. From what you are describing, the digitizer still works, but your LCD does not. the LCD contains the backlight. Angle a light against the LCD and see if you see any outlines at all. You did not tell us how your cleaned the logic board. I strongly suggest 90%+ isopropyl alcohol as well as a soft bush. Clean the logic board and all connectors very carefully. you may have to repeat this step a couple of times. After that, reassemble your phone and re-evaluate. If you still do not see anything, it is possible that you still need a new display assembly.

==Update ==

I attached the flow sheet for the LCD trouble shooting as well as the schematic for the connector and the part reference. Hope this helps.

Added that part of the component layout....;-)"
bert [Entry]

"my huawei p10 got battery bloated ..when i try to fix the battery it works but the problem is the backlight how can i fix this?/

pls help me???"