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No sound on tv... Any way to fix it?

No sound on tv... Any way to fix it?

Tv has no sound! Changed cables but still no luck!! Been working fine one morning and couple hours later sound just stopped

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bert [Entry]

"Hope this helps Calvin Mogilinski

Here are the most common reasons you may not have sound.

Starting with the most common solutions for no sound from TV:

Television Has No Sound Answer 1: Make sure TV is not muted.

Television Has No Sound Answer 2: Make sure the TV is not set to SAP (secondary audio protocol)

Television Has No Sound Answer 3: Make sure TV input is correct (someone may have accidentally pressed the “aux” input button or similar causing the TV to use an input with no sound going to it)

Television Has No Sound Answer 4: Make sure there is not a pair of headphones connected to the TV audio out jack on the side or front of your TV.

Television Has No Sound Answer 5: Check all of the cables that are connected into the back of your TV. (it is possible the TV was moved slightly and a cable has become disconnected or loose)

Television Has No Sound Answer 6: If you have a receiver or surround sound connected to your TV, turn it on and see if you get sound coming from the external speakers.

Television Has No Sound Answer 7: Turn off the TV, cable box, and anything else connected to the TV. Sometimes turning everything off and then back on can fix the problem.

Television Has No Sound Answer 8: If using an “S” video cable into an input on the back of your TV, these cables carry no sound, just video, so make sure you connect an audio cable too.

Television Has No Sound Answer 9: Hook up an external device to the “TV audio out” input. This will be the test to see if it is a TV circuit board malfunction or the speakers are faulty in your TV.

Television Has No Sound Answer 10: If you are connected to a satellite box, use the included remote and go into the “menu”. Check to make sure sound settings are set correctly."
bert [Entry]

I had the same problem.....turned out it was the scart leads needing pushed into the back of the tv and or the tv box
bert [Entry]

Fixed the no sound on my vizio by replacing hdmi cable. Simple and effective. Also pic quality much better.
bert [Entry]

The audio on my Vizio E48-DO television was going out when CNN goes to commercials or any other channel. All of a sudden audio goes out but picture stays. Spectrum went digital and they gave me a box to see digital channels. Problem stats right after that. I got it straightened as follows. First download app of vizio smartcast in your cell phone and pair the tv with it. find out the remote functions in it. Go to settings. Go to audio. Make sure it is on beatstream . Another thing make sure you put speakers on ON. once this is done it works like a new tv. Hope this help someone.
bert [Entry]

I turned off the audio leveling feature and like magic my sound started to work again.
bert [Entry]

This happened to me also. Sound just quit while watching a show on vizio d series smart tv. I had to do a factory reset and sound was back.