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Phone is not turning on. Keeps showing Samsung?

Phone is not turning on. Keeps showing Samsung?

Today I downloaded a .zip (1% Battery Mod) file from this page:

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bert [Entry]

"Follow this:

bert [Entry]

See this video; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qt2oWoub...
bert [Entry]

My Samsung Galaxy Young wasn't turning on and simply showing the samsung logo and the twinkling light behind it. I did a restart by holding down the power button, the main button and the volume down button. It worked like a charm!
bert [Entry]

Try a Factory Reset by the updat mode combinate buttons power+home+volume down
bert [Entry]

"Hi There,

I also had same Problem and I followed below step:

1. Press power button to shut down you device

2.Press Power button+vol Up+ home key simulteneously

3.select""wipe data / factory reset"" using Volume buttons to navigate and Power button to confirm.

4.Choose ""Yes -- delete all user data"" to confirm the whole operation.

5.After that select option ""reboot system now"".

6. wait for around 15 sec and there you are!! follow the steps to configure it."
bert [Entry]

"I think you might wanna give you some tips on this -

try a hard restart on your phone

Plug it to charge and leave for 20-30 min and than try restarting your phone

and than first You may want to boot your phone in safe mode see if that help checkout this post about how to go in safe mode checkout Guide to Boot your phone In safe mode see if this works for you .

thanks and i hope this will help"