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red led blink 6 times when I turn on the tv

red led blink 6 times when I turn on the tv

We tried so many times

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bert [Entry]

"Take a look at this.

4 red blinks- can be LD board or main logic board, check inverter board wires for arcing to ground

6 red flashes- backlight issue, bad main board, or power board or inverter boards- check standby volts on power board. ""backlight on"" volts should be 3-5v from main logic board then 24v to inverter"
bert [Entry]

The 6 red blink code on Sony is usually a fail safe on the main board for plasmas... Usually set off by power surges brown outs and dirty electricity, this is done to prevent fires and further component damage so the customer will send the unit into Sony to get its components checked. This is a unique feature for Sony plasmas as they are carrying a high amount of electricity. Google or YouTube Sony Bravia reset. You will need a compatible Sony remote to perform the reset. I have fixed 3 2012 models and one 2011 from the 6 blink code using this method and 3 of those units have been functioning great after 6 months. A lot of repair shops easily misdiagnose it as a power board issue... Guess they don't know how to use google. And there is usually nothing physically wrong with 6 blink tvs it's just Sony trying to cover their ass at the time so there was not a recall since they were losing money on production when the units came out, similar to the PS3. hope this helps you all out ifixit community. - Brandon
bert [Entry]

"Per Sony site, unplug for 3 minutes if your T.V. picture goes out and you have blinking red lights. If still have a problem and T.V. is plugged into a power strip, then unplug for 3 minutes, then plug directly into wall. The power strip could be bad. (https://us.en.kb.sony.com/app/answers/de...)

It could also be a backlight problem of some sort.

If you can view T.V. again, and want to see error codes, do the following: Turn T.V. off. Quickly press ""Display"", ""Channel 5"", ""Down Volume"", then ""Power"". Press ""Power"" again if nothing came up on T.V. See error codes. Press ""Power"" again, then again, to return to normal T.V. (https://electro-medical.blogspot.in/2016...) and (http://tampatec.blogspot.de/2015/03/sony...)

I have same problem with my T.V., Sony kdl32xbr4. I already know I have a backlight error of some sort, since part of the screen is slightly darker. The codes verified that. I also had the 6 blinking red lights with no picture at all. Unplugging for 3 minutes did reset the picture. Error 6 was listed on my T.V. as a backlight problem. Though I do not know for sure if Error 6 is the same as the 6 blinking lights, since the blinking light happened when the picture went totally out. The backlight partially went out a few month ago with no blinking lights.

I will eventually need to take my T.V. in for repair but do not currently know what the cost will be. I am hoping it is worth repairing. It has been a great T.V."
bert [Entry]

I resolved the issue by solder and ground the pins at the top of the backlight terminal,
bert [Entry]

"Hi @clarkenick3

A 6x blink error code is a panel backlight failure either in the G board, the Panel module or the BMX Board.

Here’s a composite image of the error blink triage chart and the 6 blink error troubleshooting flowchart taken from the service manual which may be of some help. (see p.3, that shows that the 65w857c is also listed in this manual)

(click on image to enlarge for better viewing)

If it is a board or perhaps the harness, then it will be cheaper than a new panel (if you can source one) and definitely cheaper than a new TV"
bert [Entry]

Save$ Big bucks on repair . 5 goods taps on the back of TV and your back in business. if that doesn't work try again.