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Upgrade airport card to 802.11ac

Upgrade airport card to 802.11ac

Can u upgrade the airport card from 802.11n to the new 802.11ac from the late 2013 retina 15" MacBook Pro

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bert [Entry]

I don't believe that is was what Steve was asking. He asked if an Airport card from a Late 2013 Retina MBP could be used. Looking at the iFixIt tear down of the Late 2013 model the Airport card does have 3 antenna connectors. Has anyone actually tried replacing the card in an earlier model Retina MacBook Pro with the card from a Late 2013 model?
bert [Entry]

"Yes, it works. I don’t know if it makes a difference in the networking speed, but it does add the ability to unlock the Macbook with an Apple Watch, and is almost completely seamless aside from the caveats listed below.

The part number to search for is:


I’ve found them on Amazon, eBay, and other sources.

The two caveats on this:

Any apps that you’ve downloaded from the App Store seem to be tied to the MAC address, and you’ll have to authenticate at launch and/or re-download any apps from there.If you bring it in for service at the Apple Store, their diagnostic tools seem to think that the Bluetooth is broken and they might replace the card. This happened to me when I had them replace the battery, so I had to get a new replacement card, install it, and re-authenticate the apps as above."
bert [Entry]

"Yes. I order one of these.