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What do you use in place of DiskWarrior to repair data for APFS?

What do you use in place of DiskWarrior to repair data for APFS?

I used diskwarrior for all of our older machines before APFS formatting came out. now I can’t use it.

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bert [Entry]


Diskwarrior 5.2 recognises APFS drives but can’t repair them just yet. I think you should wait a until they come up with a newer version of their App, otherwise you will have to find other alternatives (which may be great, even perfect but not as perfect as DW). Although, you could still repair all your HFS+ formatted drives and that is something that wouldn’t really be difficult even in an APFS formatted Mac."
bert [Entry]

"I personally use Drive Genius 5.x

See if the free Demo allows you to fix the drive. You’ll want to create a bootable external drive to run it from or setup a BootWell drive.

I haven’t needed to fix a APFS formatted HDD or SSHD drive so I’m not sure if it will work. I don’t see any notes saying it won’t, here’s how: How to run repair on a drive

Do keep in mind SSD drives can encounter issues that can’t be fixed as unlike a spinning disk which has tracks and sectors that can get messed up they use direct block access.

Once you get the drive fixed make a backup and then either run the defragment tool or reformat the drive and install a fresh OS onto it then recover your data from the backup (TimeMachine) being the better one."
bert [Entry]

"I use Micromat’s TechTool Pro 11


bert [Entry]

"unfortunately I can't wait for diskwarrior. i'm in need of something much sooner to repair the data on the disk for our customer

this is the error message I'm getting when trying to perform FSCK or first aid on the disk

""macbook first aid volume could not be verified completely""

I've tested the drive itself in DRIVEDX and it has 100% health. it's a 1 month old seagate firecuda 1 TB SSHD. It's running the most up to date version of Mojave. I think her data is corrupt, because i've moved the drive to multiple MacBooks and get the same error.

I'd like to repair the data, because if I send her a new install of OS-X, then she moves her data over, we'll have the same issue again.

Is there anything else I can do?"
bert [Entry]

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