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Why is the speaker making this clicking/ticking noise when it speaks?

Why is the speaker making this clicking/ticking noise when it speaks?

This ( i think its a 2013) Furby Boom will speak but it makes a quiet crackling noise when it does, then it blacks out (its on my youtube, Mimi B) ive tried replacing the whole battery and it still did it. Ive heard the suggestion to check its tummy switch, only problem is...i have no idea how to get at it, or even where it is or 'how' to check it really... I'm an electronic newbie. Ack, and these things are so complex! Heelllllp!

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bert [Entry]

"Hi Mimi B,

This answer can maybe help you:

I just did surgery on my sons furby and fixed this problem. His would move and no sound would come out. Keep the Furby on and go to the right side of the Furby which is where the speaker is located. Cut a small slit in the fur, small enough that your kids won't notice. if you look underneath the fur you will see the speaker. It is plastic and it has a whole bunch of holes in it. Right under the plastic there is a membrane sort of things. I found it when I took a nail or something small and pokey that fit through the holes and gently gently pushed on the membrane in certain spots it would start making noise again. Must have a short or something in it. Once you find the spot that let's it start making noise again find a very small, about a centimeter long, machine screw which is the kind that don't have a point on the end of them but are flat instead. Screw it into the hole until it pushes against the membrane and leave it there, and that should keep it talking. This should keep your kids happy

Good luck"