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Why won't my battery charge?

Why won't my battery charge?

My battery will not charge even when it is hooked up to the charger.

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bert [Entry]

"Richard Wright

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bert [Entry]

"These days, it’s usually tired original NiCd batteries. I have a DC970, and both of my batteries are done. However, my recommendation here is not to get new OEM or cloned NiCd/NiMh batteries - don’t bother. If you want to jump them and see have at it but if the battery is old it usually doesn't run very long, or permanently dies within short order. Yes it sometimes works, but it's not something that I consider worthwhile after 11 years of use and abuse.

What I usually recommend for these older DeWalts is the DCA1820 adapter, and the 20V Lithium batteries (these batteries completely ditch the memory effect problem). However, if you buy the batteries on their own it may be more expensive so the more cost effective method to do this is to buy a drill kit (especially if it’s a refurb or on sale; even better if it comes from a DeWalt authorized reseller who has CPO brushless stock) and the DCA1820. You get the batteries and charger that way, and a secondary drill. In addition to the battery and additional tool, you don’t need to buy the charger; it came with it. Unless you were to get the 20V conversion kit (DCA2203C) on sale at an excellent discount, the cost of skipping the extra tool usually doesn’t make sense as it comes to around the same price both ways, especially with stores who run tool sales somewhat often.

Being as I own one of these NiCd drills, I did my research on this and when I looked at the DCA2203C vs CPO refurb with 2 batteries option+separately purchased DCA1820 tend to cost about the same. There’s a chance it may be a few dollars more if you buy a drill kit and the adapter, but it’s usually not much (if any difference at all, especially if you can get a refurb with 2 batteries) - think ~$40-50 new, less as a factory refurb (prices fluctuate).

My NiCd charger is in a box since I do not intend to bother with anything other than the 20V packs since they can be made to work and it's officially supported."