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2 dryers same problem

2 dryers same problem

i have had 2 dryers do the same thing the first one took 4 years the second one took 4 months the dryer starts fine hot nice after about 10 minutes it stops being hot I have changed out all the trip switches I even bypassed the safety gauges just to test it. neither worked for either dryer cleaned out both dryers and my exhaust is like 1 foot long and clear. any ideas what could break 2 dryers


Some newer dryers don’t use much heat during the first 40 min. It’s bascially air drying. The last 20 min is when the element cycles on and off. Most people don’t notice that feature because they turn it on and come back when it’s done. Check your owners manual, it should explain it. You didn’t provided a model number or I would have had a better answer.

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