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Always and forever has been off balance

Always and forever has been off balance

We own a two year old Kenmore HE 110 series washer. The exact model number is 110.28002011. Ever since we’ve owned the unit it constantly goes off balance. It doesn’t matter how small or large the load is. My daughter tried to wash three delicate shirts on the delicate cycle and it took almost 2 hours of constantly readjusting the load and restarting. Would have been easier to wash in the sink. Don’t get me started on how many hours it takes to do something really challenging like jeans, towels, or sheets….6 hours is not unusual for those loads. It only bangs when its off balance, otherwise it’s quiet. If I’m lucky and it’s going to actually run the load (which does happen on occasion) then it’s quiet and moves through the settings without problem. I thought maybe it wasn’t level, so I looked up my owners manual and discovered where to place the level to check (this isn’t normally easy because it’s a slopped lid), but everything checks out perfectly. Because the lid started rusting where the lip is along the hinge line, I’ve been tempted to just throw in the towel and buy a new, fancy washer but I really don’t want to spend more money. I don’t mind a challenge and I’m a quick learner but I haven’t an idea of where to start looking for the problem. I looked through previous posts but most people have washers that make alot of noise or don’t work at all, which doesn’t really fit my problem. Thank you very much for any help.


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