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B&W Zeppelin Air - LED flashing White - Firmware recovery failed

B&W Zeppelin Air - LED flashing White - Firmware recovery failed

After a power outage the zeppelin air with 30 pin adapter shows a flashing white light and when connecting a USB cable to my PC/MAC using the Zeppelin Air Recovery Utility - firmware update (Recovery/Restore) the LED does not change to flashing green (still flashing white)- Recovery unsuccessful unable to continue to Restore Function. Even after going through the motions several times, the light remains flashing white. The Zeppelin Air only allows me to enter Firmware update - Solid white indicator light.


"I had the exact same problem. Stuck on constant white light.

The problem (at least for mine) is that the main power board has failed.

Three of the low voltage capacitors have failed. (They balloon very slightly at the top like a failed phone battery).

If you are good with a soldering iron, three replacement capacitors are about £2.50

If anyone needs a step-by-step I can guide you through that process."

Pls let me know how to configure it using the control PC version utility? Thanks and best regards

Mine shows also that I should finish FW upgrade. FW upgrade made, nothing changed, just steady white light. (Bowers&WilkinsControl_1.2.4_14587.zip, can be downloaded from Official BW site, search for it, no permalink, and version may change)

I have replaced the 3 1500uf 10v capacitors, and it still does the red flashing, the whole PSU board seems fine. So, the problem at least for me is something else.

Anyone been experiencing this issue ?

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