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Battery will not charge, what is the problem?

Battery will not charge, what is the problem?
Just replaced battery ( thinking this was the problem ) but no success, so, replaced hard drive as well in my iPod classic 20GB. Now it won't start up or charge at all, plugged it in to my PC and it was recognized said to restore which i did, was then asked to plug in to charger to finish restore but nothing happens when i do this. Anyone got any ideas what the problem is ?


Thanks so much i had the same problem and now once i put it on the dock it works :) Thanks so much and me not having to buy a firewire from Ebay ...
What's a FireWire charger please? I have same problem.
If you don't already have it fixed, I plugged my iPod into a USB power bank and it finished the restore instantly. I don't know about the charging thing, though. I still have that problem.
You absolutely don’t need the firewire charger to finish the restore process. I just did the iflash modification with the SD card and the restore finished fine with one of those cube iphone chargers.

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