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Beatsx fully charged but won’t turn on or connect

Beatsx fully charged but won’t turn on or connect
So my beatsx were working perfectly fine yesterday but when I tried to use them today they won’t even turn on. When i plug them into the charger the white light comes on. I’ve plugged them into my mac and the software is up to date and it says they are fully charged. I’ve also tried resetting with no luck.. Any help would be appreciated!!


I just had the problem. it would charge and the light would turn on while charging, but when unplugged the light would not turn on at all. Tried to reset holding the power and each of the other buttons for 10 seconds and it didn’t work. Was about to give up, then I plugged it in so the light came on, then i held the power button and simultaneously unplugged and some lights started flashing red and white and then it turned on and asked to reconnect to my device. Maybe I just got lucky.
Hey man i had the exact same problem, battery was fully charged but as soon as you take it off charge it wont turn on and the light doesnt even turn on. I took it to an audio shop that services headphones and earphones. Turns out that theres a cable in the beats x that broke and it had to be replaced. As soon as i got it replaced my beats x works perfectly and charges and turns on just like new
same problem here…
We are all having same problem and the answer is bogus. How are we supposed to turn the headphones back on….that’s the %#*@ problem! They light Showing life while plugged in, unplug(don’t work while charging) Then nothing.. they refuse to turn on.
It can charge, but it won’t turn on when unplugged. Expensive Junk. Can something be done against this company?.

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