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Can you upgrade the HDD in these things?!

Can you upgrade the HDD in these things?!
I've looked around a bit on iFixit, but I don't really think there's a thread so far which really answers this question directly: is it possible to upgrade the hard drive in the 6G iPod Classic, PAST the 160GB mark?! I have a friend who has an enormous music library and he's wondering if he could get one and upgrade the hard drive.... The upgrade isn't really the problem, rather the problem is whether the iPod will recognize the HDD, and whether iTunes will recognize it?


6th Gen iPod logic boards use a CE-ATA interface. Also the ZIF cable/connector are the same as, for example, on the 5th gen logic boards, those were/are PATA interface. So, what I am trying to say is that you do not just need to find a drive that has a ZIF connector, but also a CE-ATA interface. I don't know of any 1.8" ZIF CE-ATA bigger than 160Gb. Hope this helps, good luck.
"yeah, you may have trouble fitting a bigger capacity druve tough

If you do, pay attention to how many mm's the new drive is

You will need to get a 1.8'' ZIF drive for these iPods"

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