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Cassette player does not turn

Cassette player does not turn

The unit is actually a tcm 450 but the particular model was not present on the selection list. I found it in my grandma’s drawer along with a bunch of tapes, and I’m pretty sure it worked a year ago or so. when I shoved a tape in with aaa batteries, nothing happened. I removed the tape to see if the knob thing inside was turning, and it didn’t. Ibplayed with the volume knob and all the buttons, but it was failing to work. I can feel that the cassette player is trying to make it rotate— I can feel it when I touch it with my finger while pressing the ‘play’ button, but yet, nothing is happening. Plz Help!


"Hi @pxlbluejay ,

Here’s a link to the service manual for the cassette player.

It has full schematics of the player which should help you find out where the problem lies. If a component is faulty it also has the parts list.

Hopefully this is a start to get the player going again"

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