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check lent filter light on and will only run on express dry

check lent filter light on and will only run on express dry

My Kenmore Elite Dryer has the check lint filter light on and will only run on the express dry cycle, I cleaned the lint out of the lint trap area and vacuumed the rest of the area, the dryer turned on on a different cycle as a test run, but when to dry the next load it went back to the express dry cycle, and check the lint filter light is back on, what more can i do as have not found a troubleshooting guide for the model i have.


Linda, if the answer from mayer should not work, keep in mind that the "Check lint screen" light is just a reminder to check and clean the lint screen before or after each load. There is not a sensor that will detect if it's clean or dirty. The "Check lint screen" should turn off as soon as the dryer is started. Check the wire harness connections between the console and the electronic control board. If it never turns off then the control board might need to be replaced. You should run a diagnostics on your dryer. Check on here to see how to get into the mode. You can download the service manual for your dryer from here. Hope this helps, good luck.

Try unplugging it for five minutes. This will allow it to reset and maybe see that the filter is now clear.

Check the vent where it exits the house. Go outside and look inside the vent cover. Lift the flap where the vent exits the house. I just learned last night that there is another filter tucked away inside the flap. Mine was plugged solid with lint. Today our dryer is working great. Need to check the filter twice a year. I have added it to my daylight saving task. Change the time and the batteries in the smoke alarms and clean the outside driver vent filter.

Press and hold Save Energy button for 3 seconds. That resets it. Make sure you first checked and cleaned any blockage and washed your filter.

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