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Cycle light flashes, but machine wont start

Cycle light flashes, but machine wont start

Whatever cycle I choose, the light just flashes and holding the start button does nothing. I've unplugged it for 5 minutes to try to re start it but that didn't work.


The problem might be that the black pin (about 3/8" long and 1/8" in diameter), that normally sticks out of the frame of the washer at about the 2 o'clock position, and which is pushed in when the door closes, has broken off. If this pin breaks off, the washer will not recognize that the door has been closed. In my opinion, the pin is most likely to break when you close the door and the door was not properly aligned with the door frame -- in which case the pin will be sheared off.

"I took a metric machine screw about 1/4 in long and about the same diameter and stuck it in the pin hole. I plan to epoxy it in for a permanent fix. Using a cheap, too small diameter plastic instead of metal pin is just cheap engineering.

My matching HE3 dryer wouldn't start and it was a bad thermistor. Cut that out and soldered in a solid wire. Permanent fix for both machines.

As Charles F. Kettering, past president and engineer at GM said: ""Parts left out cost nothing and cause no service problems""."

i have the same problem.. i took the clip off for the door and was wondering where do u find a new one.. it is broken on the bottom half of the clip where the screw goes would that cause the light to flash????

My black pin is broken off too. Someone recomend I fix it with sticking a piece in there with duct tape. It works but have to readjest the pin every single load, sometimes several times, just to get it to work, so it is not a reasonable long term option. Any idea what that black pins part number is so I can order on and replace it?

In my case the pin is ok, not broken I checked it out, the cycle light is flashing on whatever cycle I choose but machine won't start, it has happened yesterday. I also unplug it from power outlet for more then 5 mins, it was unplug over night. any sugestion please.

"the door plate itself is fine on our machine.

Need to test the switches and other electronic components, but the door plate is definitely not the root cause of our issue.

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