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Door contact? preventing microwave from running?

Door contact? preventing microwave from running?



Scott Halseth, the switch is called Door Sensing Switch, part number WB24X829. There may be more than one. When the door is opened during a cook cycle, the monitor switch, door sensing switch, primary interlock switch and power relay are deactivated. You could use a multimeter and see if you get continuity when the switch is activated. Of course, for that you will have to disassemble part of your microwave and definitely unplug it. Remove the built-in microwave from the wall and keep it in an open space. Remove the microwave screws and take the cover out.Remove the 2 inside screws from the plastic panel where switches are snapped in. As always, this is a microwave and carries quite a punch if not properly service and discharged. Please be aware of this and if you have not done a repair on those, you might consider some professional help with that. Hope this helps, good luck.

"My microwave has been acting up lately, starting on it's own after time was up and other weird things.

Took it apart, tightened all ground screws and put it back together.

Same problem. I then started it and held the door frame up a bit at the bottom opposite the hinges.

It worked perfect, the switch was now making proper contact.

On my model on the bottom of the door there is a steel bar mounted to the chassis by two screws with a hole that mates to a pin on the door for opening. I installed three small washers on the pin which forced the door up at the closing end.

It works fine now.


My over the range microwave shows error “door” and does not turn on.  But after repeated pushing the button it does.  Any help.

I have this issue also. Mine will also turn on the light and start running with no time on the clock! I will never buy another LG. I had a Panasonic for 18 years (i got it as a wedding gift!), then bought the LG and have had it only 2 years.

I have been fighting the door problem for a few years now. Can’t replace the microwave because it is built-in and no one makes one now that will fit the opening. The real problem with mine is the Chinese replacement switches for the American made GE. The replacement switches are supposedly OEM but the Chinese use metric measurement and the Americans use SAE measurements. A caliper measurement shows that the Chinese replacement is slightly smaller than the American original. When installed, the Chinese replacement switch housing slides a tiny amount until it makes contact with the back of the switch snap-in housing. Then, when the switch button is depressed, it does not go in far enough to close the electrical contact so I have to bang on the door to get the microwave to start.

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